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Our philosophy is to enhance development and learning. We are responsible for ensuring children’s healthy development and learning. From birth, relationships with adults are critical determinants of children’s healthy social and emotional development and serve as well as mediators of language and intellectual development. At the same time, children are active constructors of their own understanding, who benefit from initiating and regulating their own learning activities and interacting with peers. Therefore, we strive to achieve an optimal balance between children’s self-initiated learning and adult guidance or support.

We accept responsibility for actively supporting children’s development and provide occasions for children to acquire important knowledge and skills. We use our knowledge of child development and learning to identify the range of activities, materials, and learning experiences that are appropriate for a group or individual child. This knowledge is used in conjunction with knowledge of the context and understanding about individual children’s growth patterns, strengths, needs, interests, and experiences to design the curriculum and learning environment and guide teachers’ interactions with children.

We respect, value, and accept children and treat them with dignity at all times.

In conclusion, we have to become comfortable with paradox-stability and change, individual and group, structure and freedom, flexibility and predictability. For us, resolving apparent contradictions is just another part of our day at work.

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